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We draw strongly from the Indian spiritual tradition, quite specifically The Yoga of Sound, but we are believe in the paradigm of the World Soul, drawing inspiration from the world's great spiritual traditions.

Yogic Mystery School

Learn to deepen your relationship with the Divine and transform your life from the inside out.


The Yoga of Sound

Learn to harness powerful spiritual energies through the ancient path of sacred sound relevant today.


The Mastery of Mantra

Learn to cultivate the Art of Sacred Speech to connect to higher states regardless of external circumstances.


1-1 Private Coaching

Helping students on an individual basis to raise the quality of their consciousness and their lives is what we enjoy doing most of all. We bring 3 decades of experience and expertise to this process.

The Soul's Journey

We believe that the substance of our being, (Soul) encompasses a full spectrum of energies, from the biological into the psychological and into the subtlest spiritual fields. This is why we travel on a transformative, chanting pilgrimage to India each year, to discover the "Other Half of the Soul" and become magnanimous. Magna means enormous; anima means soul. Did you know that "Mahatma" as in Mahatma Gandhi means exactly the same thing? We invite you to grow your soul with us, for our work is "soulwork".  


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