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We draw strongly from the Indian spiritual tradition, specifically The Yoga of Sound, but believe in the paradigm of the World Soul, drawing inspiration from the world's great spiritual traditions.

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Get a taste of the depth and scope of what we offer ...

Yoga of Sound

One month of free learning to understand the depth and scope of sacred sound as we teach it.


The Secret Life

Learn how to go beyond meditation to deepen your relationship with the Divine and transform your life.


Tantric Path

Understand the traditional approach to Tantra and intimacy with the Divine through ritual.


Healing the Throat Chakra

The Yoga of Sound is not just about chanting and singing but also about communication through speech, which is why we must learn to channel Shakti in and through our voice ...

Transformative Online Engagement

Bringing you over three decades of professional teaching experience at the highest levels of education and on the world stage with the great spiritual luminaries of our time.


Beginner mantra programs you can take as long as you need to complete on your own.


Mastery of Mantra

Master mantras for higher states of consciousness regardless of external circumstances.


Private Coaching

Customized process to expand your capabilities and achieve specific spiritual goals.


The Soul's Journey: Transform In India

We believe that the substance of our being, (Soul) encompasses a full spectrum of energies, from the biological into the psychological and into the subtlest spiritual fields. This is why we travel on a transformative, chanting pilgrimage to India each year, to discover the "Other Half of the Soul" and become magnanimous. Magna means enormous; anima means soul. Did you know that "Mahatma" as in Mahatma Gandhi means exactly the same thing? We invite you to grow your soul with us, for our work is "soulwork".  


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