August 24 Lecture & Concert at Theatre Amsterdam

In Celebration of its 25th Anniversary, Centrum Voor Tantra offers a special afternoon lecture demonstration of the Yoga of Sound with Russill Paul and Carla Verberk of the Centrum Voor Tantra. This is followed by an evening concert with several prominent musicians, including renowned flautist Praful, a multi-instrumentalist who performs on tenor and soprano saxophones and Indian flutes.


Russill Paul is a guest teacher for Centrum Voor Tantra's Mystery School that invites you to 5-day 'Yoga of Sound' retreat (August 26 - 31), which is open for everybody with an interest in tantra, mantra and / or yoga: a unique possibility to work with Russill Paul in Europe. If you would like to attend this retreat in Havelte, (Aug 26 - 31, 2017) please send us an email with your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and Mailing Address:

Centrum Voor Tantra's 25th Anniversary with Russill Paul


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Yoga of Sound Retreat Video

Although referred to as "workshop", you can learn about the retreat in Havelte, how it is structured, and how it appeals to five distinct groups of people: artists, yogis, tantriks, meditators and healers.

Question and Answer Video

Centrum Voor Tantra students asked Russill personal questions about the Yoga of Sound. Watch this video for his responses to some of these questions.

Centrum Voor Tantra's Mystery School Retreat Sep 1-6

Learn a bit about Tantra and what students in CVT Mystery School can expect during this retreat. Perhaps it inspires you to take the introduction with Centrum Voor Tantra.

Sound and The Tantric Path

Sound plays an important role on The Tantric Path. For Centrum Voor Tantra's Mystery School retreat (Sep 1-6) in Havelte, Russill Paul will teach secret teachings he shares only with his closest students in his Yogic Mystery School and School of Mantra.


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