Golden Path Core Training

For spiritual practitioners (as well as therapists, healers, and teachers), who are passionate about the relationship between healing, spiritual awakening and self-transformation for themselves and others.

The Golden Path to Wholeness Core Training teaches you skills on how to develop Your Soul's Voice, recognize a deeper level awareness than normal self-consciousness, and how to combine them for powerful transformation in the now.


Using Your Soul's Voice

This core practice, I have discovered, is crucial for any teacher or practitioner who wants to create real change in their lives and in their consciousness, regardless of whether or not they have any interest in using mantras for that purpose. It is, however, supremely important for mantra practitioners and those who wish to advance in their knowledge of meditation.

Recognizing Presence

This core practice is essential for anyone interested in healing themselves or healing others. No matter what therapeutic modality one is using, without being able to link it to something beyond ordinary consciousness in a way that is real, denies the true source of all healing, which is a sacred mystery.

Transforming in the Now

This core practice combines Using Our Soul's Voice together with Recognizing Presence to connect with our true Self on the one hand, and Divine Presence, on the other, while working to change our mental-emotional state in the present moment. This methodology is vital for any real and lasting self-transformation that takes healing process further into manifestion.

Master Class Series

For us, the integration of western psychology with spirituality is really important if we are not to inadvertently substitute spiritual practices for inner work, denying serious issues that need to be addressed.  Enjoy, three powerful Master Classes: the Anatomy of Self; the Anatomy of Soul; and the Anatomy of Spirit. The Golden Path seeks to avoid bypassing psychological issues in the name of spiritual practices.

"I have been with Russill and the Yoga of Sound online program since it started, 10 years now I believe. If you are thinking about it, go for it ! Even when I get behind, which I often do, I know I can always go back to the lessons. There’s not only Russill’s expert guidance and teachings, we have the community that is safe, shares so honestly and is very supportive. It is something I always go back to and gives me comfort, groundedness and is so humbling . I teach yoga and work in a large corporation. I don’t say this to sound conceited 😍 but my speech has completely changed. It has slowed down, become more precise, stronger, which gives power. We need this when we work and teach. Because of this students feel safe, they feel it’s clear what I am trying to convey and this helps to keep the class so it is not chaotic and it’s a trusting environment where they can experience their yoga practice. So thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏼😍 "

Stephanie from California
Yoga Teacher and Corporate Executive

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